Mission / Vision / Values


“Bringing the best out of you by supporting you with the best of personalized service and authentic Japanese craftsmanship”.

From tradition to innovation. We are here to contribute to your legacy. Mizutani Scissors North America wants to be of service to our regional community, and the future generations of hair designers.


In every salon.
In every shop.
From the hands that make them into the hands that create with them.

We combine a century of experience in high performance steel making with the expertise of our artist collaborators globally to inspire and innovate the best tools of the time, throughout time. Whether barbershop or hair salon, our vision is to serve best for those who serve best behind the chair for the years to come.



The continuing improvements of our excellence in both our service and tools are rooted in the Japanese tradition. The integrity we uphold ourselves to informs innovation at our factory, and the respect to this research and development process with the help of our educators, artists, and community serves as a guide to our fulfillment.

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