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CUT SCISSORS MAP ” how to read ”
( straight blade shears )

X axis
Hold :
Off set handles
Free : Level ( even, classic ) set handles

The X axis can be understood as the degree of offset. Shears near the middle of the chart are ” semi offset “.

Y axis
Blunt :
Straight blade edge. Cut into a straight line. Good for base cut.
Slide :  Rounded blade edge. Designed for ” slide & stroke cutting “.

The Y axis can be understood as how straight the cut line will come out per incision. The closer the shear is at the top of the map, the straighter the cut line. The closer the shear is at the bottom, the more the blade will push the hair ( has been designed for dry cutting techniques ).


a. We offer a wide array of best of the market hair cutting scissors. This cut map is a way for you to consider what you currently use, and based on that information allow you to understand what other options there are when it comes to shear selection. ( Used daily, the ideal handle for your hand is essential ).

b. Often imitated, but never replicated. The only reason why we are the only ones with a map like this is because we handcraft our tools. Researched and designed first with our artist collaborators with their preferences to a t, they undergo a rigorous quality control process then and only then, offered to you. Our century long experience as manufacturer’s of the best hair designing tools available on the market allows us to provide the wide range of handle & blade types that you see on this chart. When it comes to scissor design & functionality. We create the trends, other companies attempt to follow them. Our tools ARE NOT created using a ” cast system “ ( used by other brands for mass production with low grade material ). Mizutani Scissors are 100% handmade in Japan. 

*This map although comprehensive, is not the North American collection in its entirety. This is a reference point for the base models within our collection. Finally. If you like a certain handle or blade, we can always customize a shear for you to your personal preference.


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  • No sign up or late fee in case you need more than 4 months. Just select ” Pay Monthly ” ( up to 12 months ) at checkout. More at PayPal 

Shear Breakdown and Clean Up

Break your shears down from time to time to clean out the build up in the pivot area. This is a part of shear and maintenance that many people neglect. Proper shear care and maintenance contributes to the proper function & longevity of your tool.


Tips on how to assemble your shears after cleaning.


Do you service Canada? How about Mexico?

Yes. We are Mizutani Scissors North America, the main branch for the region. Both Canada & Mexico including the United States are places that we service ( ship our products and service your shears when it comes to sharpening & factory maintenance ).

Are Mizutani Scissors made in Japan?

Yes. Hikari, B-mac aside, we are the only scissor company in North America that has a factory in Japan. Our tools steel  not just ” sourced from Japan “. At Mizutani,  our tools are made in the hands of master craftsmen who are disciplined in a very long history of working with raw metals and steel ( Since 1921 ). Mizutani Scissors Factory 

How do you know if a scissor is made in Japan?

Look for a stamp that reads “Made in Japan”.  Additionally. If you want to know if you are investing into a legitimate brand with a factory in Japan, simply ask a representative from any shear brand to provide a business address located in Japan. Mizutani Scissors Factory 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Afterpay  as well as PayPal for options upon checkout.


Why does it matter what type of metal my shears are made out of?

The ingredients are the basis of the creation process. Just like a well prepped meal. You want to know where your food comes from. The building material (ingredients) of your scissors are essential to the creation process.

How should I wrap my scissors to ship out for sharpening?
  1. Put a rubber band around the tip of the scissor.
  2. Wrap the shears in a paper towel, tissue paper, bubble wrap or plastic wrap for extra protection.
  3. Place them in a padded envelope or a sturdy box.
Does the Mizutani Factory service scissors that are not Mizutani?

No. If they did not make them, they will not fix them. Make sure to check in with our domestic support team, they may be able to help out.

What is the difference between Japanese Factory Maintenance and a Certified Sharpener?

“Certification” for a sharpener is a thing. It is standard in Japan, but not in many other parts of the world. Our factory workers back home have been making and maintaining the highest level of Japanese metal working for a 100 years + (since 1921). In this time, they have created a certification program (first do do so internationally in Japan) for sharpeners to come and become factory approved. A “Certified Sharpener” refers to a person who has been trained at the Mizutani Factory.

What is the difference between a Certified Sharpener and an Authorized Sharpener?

An Authorized Sharpener is an experienced sharpener that we trust to sharpen for Mizutani Scissors North America. The difference is that an Authorized sharpener has not completed the training program with our factory in Japan.

How long do I have to wait for a customized scissor?

Estimated times vary according to complexity of build. Most custom orders take 3-4 months. Please inquire for further details. Our shears are made from scratch, by hand. This timeframe exceeds past 4 months around Japanese New Years as the end of the year into the new is celebrated at length in Japan.

6 Things to Look for Before Purchasing Hair Designing Shears

Craftsmanship. Where and how the tools have been made.

Where were your scissors made? Most people have no clue. With hair designing scissors, Japan has been producing the best for decades.  High end products are high end for a reason. Quality material + expert craftsmanship. There are many companies out there with one without the other. Are your scissors cast made or hand made?  When making this purchasing decision, make sure that the brand that you choose is what they say they are. Japanese companies will have a business address in Japan. See here for ours.

Outsourcing of labor or parts

From start to finish, Mizutani Scissors are built in one factory. Many companies will outsource the most important steps of the building process at a low cost factory outside of Japan. Do yourself a favor and look for the factory information.

Hardness Scale

Heat treating a fine metal to the optimal hardness is critical to its performance and blade edge longevity. Mizutani Scissors heat treats its steel to an optimal range of Rockwell Scale HRC 59-62, which is the standard for top quality shears.

Serial Number

Scissors that are mass produced will not have a serial number on them.

Our scissors are made hand by hand, step by step. One of the final steps in creating our masterpieces is the engraving of a serial number that is specific to your shear. This number is what helps track your scissor whenever it goes in to be serviced. This ensures that you get the same pair back.


You investment should be serviced by the right people. Once it is sharpened incorrectly and loses metal, there is no bringing that metal back.  Mizutani sharpeners are either certified or authorized. Certified sharpeners undergo a stringent training program in the headquarters in Tokyo. Having your shears sharpened by a certified or authorized sharpener assures that your tool will be performing at its best for it’s lifetime.

Repair & Maintenance Program

Does the scissor company have a repair and/or maintenance program that goes beyond sharpening in place? With most companies, what they offer is sharpening. That’s it. With Mizutani, the factory can repair most any damage . The same people who made them can fix them if necessary ( at a fraction of the original cost of the shear ).  This includes reworking bent metal.

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