SERENITE ( NEW Summer “24 Release )



Undoubtedly a masterpiece, is a sturdy precision cutting tool. While the Penslim and Moody are a tool meant for precision, they are light in weight and great for cutting using sectioning techniques. A precision scissor. This is also true for the Serenite, yet its weight ( being 2 grams heavier than the Moody or Penslim ) allows for a hairdressers user experience to be one that is durable as if working with a knife or fork that is heavier than the average. This, translates into a rich cutting experience wherein the Kengata blade can be felt to be facilitating smooth execution of cutting techniques on even the most dense of hair types.

When hair is straight to wavy with heavy density, it may seem like a light weight tool “ gets the job done “, but struggles. This is unfounded with  with the Serenite. For those who know.. it cuts like a Penslim, just sturdier.

As a collaboration tool with Mazella and Partners, this tool is particular in every way possible right down to the sizing ( 5.4, 5.7, and 6.0 ). Created with Nano Powder Metal and ergonomically unique, it is safe to say that this shear is truly one of a kind.

Design Note: 
Blade: Our ” Kengata Blade “ edge utilized on a precision shear. ( This is a first for the Mizutani Scissor Collection ).

Handle: The straight handle shank resembles that of the Acro Type K. If you look closely, the Serenite has a groove on the ring finger ( still blade handle ) called ” camel hump “ which is great for stability all while achieving the freestyle cutting experience rivaled by the Type K handle.


Building Material: 

Nano Powder Metal®

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