STELLITE 3 has a long handle stem which provides for a powerful cutting experience. The center ridge is built up for strength, and has been designed for blunt as well as slide cutting.

Design Note:
The Stellite material. A special material that never rusts. How about that for quality? The thought process behind the development of this tool differs fundamentally from typical steel cutting implements. This building material is also called “ cobalt-based alloy “, and is a rare metal that makes up more than 50% of the STELLITE 3. You can find more information on the material we use for this series here. The fourth image in the photo gallery show examples of where Stellite Alloy can be seen used other than Mizutani Scissors.

This tool also features:
• Flat screw that can be adjusted from the back
• Newly designed ball bearing screw system
• Removable tangs (finger rests)

Building Material
Stellite Alloy®

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