Schorem Master Blender


Schorem Master Blender

These scissors were designed and developed by Leen and Bertus. Two charismatic men’s hairstylists from the world famous barber “SCHOREM” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The “Schorem Master Blender” has been perfected at the Mizutani Head Factory after many improvements made in cooperation with the Mizutani’s development team. It is our top selling blending shear within the North American collection.

Design Note: 

Combed teeth reverse configuration. ” Reverse “ refers to the side that the blending teeth are located on the shears. When you put the scissor face up on a table, you will find that the teeth are further away from you. On the moving blade instead of still ( see scissor anatomy chart in product gallery for a visual) blade. The reason for this is to optimize functionality while performing the ” scissor over comb ” technique frequently used in mens grooming. The blade with the combed teeth are situated ” reverse ” so that you can get closer to the nape or areas to refine much easier than with traditional thinning shears.

  • Cutting Ratio: 25% / 33 teeth
  • Flat screw that can be adjusted from the back
  • Fixed finger rest/tang

Building Material

Cobalt Alloy Extramarise ll


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