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Have your shears taken care of by the craftsmen that made them by hand. Sharpening, rebalance, reworking metal, refurbishment, etc. (Turn around time for this service is approximated at 6-8 weeks).

While other companies have a well marketed ” sharpening program “, this does not necessarily speak to the skillset of the sharpener themselves. One way to think about sharpening is your scissor being the car of your dreams. Would you take this car of your dreams to just anyone to change the oil? How about to get your tires aligned? And what about issues that are a big deal ( like transmission, brake, or engine? )

At times, even our sharpeners are unable to perform certain services. It’s times like this where Mizutani makes a huge difference. As you probably already know. Our tools are made by hand from start to finish. With our Factory Maintenance Program, the same people who made your shears will be the ones to tune them up and get them back ready for work. 

Send your shears to the following address to take advantage of this service:

Japan Factory Maintenance Program
Mizutani USA / Motik Inc.
1450 Sutter Street #428
San Francisco, CA 94109

Your order confirmation email/ receipt will be used to identify your shears once received.

Friendly reminder. There is a serial number located somewhere on your shears ( see product photo gallery for example ). We ask that you record this number for reference purposes. It is a defining characteristic of what Mizutani does differently. Other companies may simply replace a shear that needs work. A scissor over time will feel like yours, and we have the ability to bring your investment back to life. This serial number is the way for you to know that you are getting the same tool back into your hands.

*This service ( having your tools maintenance taken care of in Japan ) is exclusive to Mizutani Scissors. See “Domestic Sharpening” if your tools were not made at our factory.

Take Special Note: 70.00usd is the starting cost ( shipping to and from Japan included ) for this service. Think of this option as a emergency contact, a last resort for your favorite tools care & maintenance. Sharpening, blade alignment, and issues able to be taken care of by one of our sharpeners are included in this cost. However, there are times when the factory WILL CHARGE for additional work. This pertains to servicing your shears with issues like chipped blade, re-coating of titanium finished tools ( ie. matte black, shiny gold, reforging of metal ) as multiple craftsmen get involved with these processes. If you have any questions to whether or not your tool being maintained by the factory will incur extra fees, the contact number for this is 415-361-1114

*We ask that you provide accurate contact information in the case that you send your scissors into us for maintenance in Japan, and we need to contact you regarding what is communicated to us by the factory.

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