Blacksmith Solid


The two most popular scissors in our region for an ” All Arounder ” are the Blacksmith Fit & Solid.

A key difference between the two is that the Fit has a thinner blade when looking at the two in comparison from up top. In relation to the Fit, the Solid is a stronger build and is more powerful while the Fit is geared closer to a precision shear.

Design Note: This model features a screw implementation by our factory called ” G-Shift “. This is a wobble prevention technology within the bearing system that provides for an ultra smooth operation that won’t tire your hands out.

All in all. The Solid is mainly a wet cutting shear, yet the Cobalt alloy that it is made from makes for effortless dry cutting. Outside of the Puffin & Z1, the Solid is your go to if you are looking for a hybrid shear for both wet & dry cutting.

Building Material

Cobalt Alloy Extramarise ll


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