Blacksmith Q Lite


The Matelite-Q could be the most comfortable scissors your hand has ever held. Large in size of hole, the edges on thumb and ring finger have been rounded out, leaving for an extremely smooth feel to the palm. Equipped with a traditional dial tension adjustment and Black-Smith all-arounder blade.

Design Note:  Even the groove ( finger rest,
*see photo ) between the ring hole of the handle & screw is rounded out. Cast made shears simply cannot achieve such attention to detail. Concepts like rounded thumb ring design is an example of the advantage afforded by the fact that every pair of Mizutani’s are handmade from start to finish. A detail like this could be the difference between your favorite go to VS your back up tool. The Matelite Q handle is truly one of a kind.

Building Material 

Cobalt Alloy Extramarise l

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