Blacksmith Puffin Black


The superb scissor that can slide and dry cut with the comfort of wide blades. Puffin has the same handle as the Fit Series which is truly ergonomic for a comfortable feel.

  • Flat screw that can be adjusted from the back
  • Fixed finger rest/tang
  • Features the ” Fit ” triangular finger hole configuration for it’s handle

Design Note: The Puffin has a rounded blade edge. This means that the blade will push the hair every so slightly as it glides through the hair while using dry cutting techniques. ie. channel, stroke, slide cutting

*The matte black titanium ceramic coating is an ideal option for those allergic to metal. Titanium is also resistant to corrosion and surface scratching.

**Black lefty available upon customization

Building Material

Cobalt Alloy Extramarise l



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