Tsuchime ACT 2 桃 ( Momo )


Acro Crossover Tsuchime- 黄金  “kogane” ( shiny gold )

A scissor company did something to celebrate 100 years in the business. What did we do? None other than make one of the most intricately designed hair designing shears on earth.

This shear has been created for both blunt as well as dry cutting. 100% handmade from start to finish. You’ll love these whether barber or stylist. Each marking that you see has been put there with a strike of a hammer. It is a model that only the most skilled craftsman at the factory are permitted to work on.

Design Note:

• Handle. The CR2 ( ACT2 ) features a slim grip for people who have smaller hands, while the CR1 has a wider grip handle. ( CR2 has been more popular amongst ladies and hairdressers with smaller hands especially at “5.7in. The CR1, has been favored by those with large hands ).

• Blade. The blade as you can see from looking from top has a slight curve to it ( this blade type allows for seamless dry cutting ).

• Weight of the blade. Important when considering the type of work you want to do with a cutting tool. These blades are heavier, resulting in an unmistakably straight line when cutting wet hair even with the blade curvature as an element to it’s performance.

Building Material

Nano Powder Metal®

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