Crossover 2 Black


A shear made in collaboration with Whitney Vermeer, designed to be compatible for all hairdressers whether barber or stylist.

Design Note:

• Handle. The CR2 features a slim grip for people who have smaller hands, while the CR1 has a wider grip handle. ( CR2 has been more popular amongst ladies and hairdressers with smaller hands especially at “5.7in. The CR1, has been favored by those with large hands ).

• Blade. The blade as you can see from looking from top has a slight curve to it ( this blade type allows for seamless dry cutting ).

• Weight of the blade. Important when considering the type of work you want to do with a cutting tool. These blades are heavier, resulting in an unmistakably straight line when cutting wet hair even with the blade curvature as an element to it’s performance.

*This model is dipped in black. The Matte black used here is a titanium coating, and was initially created for hairdressers with metal allergies.

Building Material

Nano Powder Metal®

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