Thinner X Texturizer in one. This tool is a great example of Mizutani ingenuity.  A ” blending shear ” can be defined as a combed toothed shear with a cut ratio of 5 – 15%, ” thinning shear ” as a combed toothed shear with 15 – 25% cut ratio, and a texturizer as a shear with 25% cut ratio or more ( generally between 25 – 50% ).

This alone does not make the ZD6 a thinner & texturizer in one. What makes this scissor unique is in the fact that the combed teeth are on both the still blade as well as moving blade. Believe it or not, with good technique the shear when using just the tips ( few 3 or 4 teeth ) can simplify your workflow as a thinning shear.

• Cut Ratio 20-30%

• Semi Offset Handle

This tool is created with Nano Powder Metal® (extremely small particles that leave for 0% impurities when looked at under a microscope ) and provides a sharp and clean cut to the hair ends. This type of metal is unlike any other in the market. This latest high-tech development in scissor production uses powder metallurgy to produce scissors of unprecedented strength and sharpness. While other companies claim to use ” powder ” or ” Nano Powder Metal “, it is important to ask questions such as ” where is your metal researched ” where is it sourced ” and confirm the validity of these claims. Mizutani has and always will be committed to quality over anything. You can find the information pertaining to the research it has taken as well as what Nano Powder Metal® is and is not here.

Design Note:

  • ZD5 for the even, ZD6 for the offset handle of the two.
  • The placement of the combed teeth ( the fact that they are on both blades ) is the reason for this shear to have a unique place of its own within our collection. When using the full length of the blade, you will see that the shear behaves more like a texturizing shear.

Building Material: 

Nano Powder Metal

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