Acro TYPE-K Black


The Acro Type-K black

The reason for it’s popularity is in its slim yet powerful design. An all arounder that excels in precision cutting at smaller lengths. This tool is a great example of what makes Mizutani the brand that it is. Widely accepted as our fundamental all-around work horse shear ideal for most any technique. It has been a staple of our brand since its inception, and is gaining popularity yearly. Featuring a razor sharp blade, the Type K is a top shelf selection for those of you who like a light weight shear with an extremely comfortable semi offset handle.

Design Note: Everything about this tool stands out. Yet, the feature that is spoken about most on our client calls, at conventions, education seminars, and barber as well as hair stylist chairs all over the world is the straight still blade handle shank. ( see photo gallery to locate Scissor Anatomy chart ). The blade angle translates to sharpness of the blade, combined with the straight handle shank makes for it’s exceptional freedom in handling. You’ll just have to try it to believe it.

*Titanium ceramic coating ( the matte black that you see ) is a feature made specifically for those allergic to metal. This type of finish is highly resistant to corrosion and surface scratching.

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